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On today’s episode of the Live Abundantly podcast, I have the privilege of talking with Jenni Maroney. Jenni is a wife, mom, and the go-to Newborn and Family Photographer in the Boulder, Colorado area. Jenni has learned in life and in business that it’s okay to ask for help. Today, she shares a little bit of her story to becoming a mom as well as her photography journey. I hope that you will be encouraged by both to know that it’s okay to lean on your community in difficult seasons and ask for help.


Jenni is a wife and mom to two littles and five angel babies. Her journeys to motherhood and to becoming a photographer taught her a lot about leaning on community when you need it.

Jenni is a newborn and family photographer based out of Boulder, Colorado and she also teaches other photographers though online courses and in person retreats.

Though she’s been a photographer since childhood, Jenni says that her business really began to change at the beginning of her journey to have children.


On their journey to growing their family, Jenni and her husband experienced five miscarriages. After their first miscarriage, they had their son Miles. They experienced four more losses before becoming pregnant with their daughter Willa. Jenni was really the first in her community to open up and share about her experience, and has fought hard since then to keep the conversation about miscarriage open for anyone that wants to talk.

During her pregnancy with Willa, Jenni once again had to learn to lean on community. Her high-risk pregnancy led to being hospitalized at twenty-six weeks over an hour away from her husband and son. Her daughter Willa, arrived at thirty weeks and her prematurity and a case of RSV led to her spending the first four months of her life in the hospital.

Jenni and her family had to lean on their community for emotional support as well as help with day to day things like taking care of the lawn, taking the dog for a walk, and being able to enjoy a home cooked meal rather than hospital food.


“Lean into that discomfort and know that people will be there to support you.”


Jenni now makes it her mission to make sure that other people know that they can look for support and help when they are experiencing loss. While she knows some people don’t want to open up, she aims to keep the lines of communication open for anyone that needs it.


Jenni has been utilizing her community in her photography business since the early days of Kodak cameras and 35mm prints from the pharmacy. After she received her first camera as a little girl, she used her sister and her friends to create styled wedding photo shoots!

After college, she worked for a studio in South Carolina where she learned from another photographer as they shot weddings together. During this time, Jenni was able to really hone in on what her style was, what type of clients she wanted to work with, and the direction she wanted to take her business.

When she and her husband decided to move across the country to Boulder, Colorado, Jenni took the biggest step she’d ever taken by leaving all of her clients and her established business and moving to a new city to start over. During this time, she relied heavily on her experience, but also on help that she found from photography students at a local college.

Jenni highly encourages business owners to utilize free resources when they are just starting out. In doing this, Jenni was able to continually scale her business and hustled her way to becoming the “go-to” newborn and family photographer in the Boulder area.

Recently, Jenni joined a mastermind led by Jenna Kutcher, and was surrounded by twenty-four other women that encouraged her and pushed her to really move beyond her comfort zone in her business. This support allowed Jenni to really take her teaching and coaching to new levels as she created four online courses and put together an in person retreat for ten photographers.

When reflecting on the help and support she’s received, Jenni said,

“It’s just been a really incredible year to see how I can still stay behind the camera, but also help other women because after our experience in the hospital, it’s my time to give back. After all the support we got from our friends and our family and my photography community, it is my time to give back.”


  • Hone in on your passion – find out what makes you want to get behind your camera
  • Find a niche – don’t try to do all the things, find the best way for you to serve your clients
  • Lean on your community to help you figure out what you’re passionate about



“Outsource, outsource, outsource! The more support you have, the more you can scale your business, and the more you can live your dreams and the more you can live the life you’re creating.”




Q: What is your favorite place you’ve traveled?

A: Costa Rica, Belize, Shang Hai, Bei Jing, pretty much anywhere I’ve ever been! I love to travel!

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