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Jacquelene Hayes is a business owner, wife, mom, daughter, friend and sister.  While she shares a lot of information and content on all of those topics, today, we are focusing on the business owning aspect!

Today, we are talking all the tools to use in business with the top 5 Jacquelene uses every single day!

As a Pinterest Strategist and Manager, Jacquelene uses these tools to help enhance client experiences and potential client experiences to make sure each client is treated with respect and the personal touch they deserve! It is amazing how these tools can really benefit your business, help you automate your business and help you batch work your to-dos on the day to day.

5 tools Jacquelene uses in business every single day

  1. Dubsado – Get a FREE trial for Dubsado here! One of my favorite things about Dubsado – they allow you to have 3 clients, no matter how long it takes. So, if it is in 30 days or 90 days, it does not matter, until you have your 3 clients! Dubsado allows you to automate your emails, send contracts and invoices to clients.  It helps you set up a workflow to make sure your business is professional and designed properly.  You can add in your branding and logos to make sure everything matches.  It can help you keep track of income as well. 
  2. MailChimp – MailChimp is simple, easy and convenient.  It allows you to automate emails, send individualized emails, have a campaign email series set up and more.
  3. Google Analytics – This is very accurate compared to most analytics.  It also allows your manager or VA or assistant to help you keep track of your analytics by being able to share them. 
  4. Tailwind – Allows you to automate your pins for Pinterest, your posts for Instagram and allows you to batch work while uploading your own pins and keeping track of your Tailwind analytics. Grab your free month of Tailwind here!
  5. Canva – Has premade templates in all formats for you! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, Facebook Covers, Ebooks, Menus and more!  It also allows you to brand your work by allowing you to add in your hex codes for colors and your logos!

My favorite tool, for now, would be Tailwind!

Living in Abundance

While using these tool, I feel I get to live in abundance by serving my clients and potential clients as well as my audience on all social media platforms.  I am able to provide professional services and free content when I get to use these 5 tools!

What would your favorite tool for your business be?




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