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On the Live Abundantly Podcast today, Jacquelene Hayes is talking to Amanda Burg, who actually created and designed Jacquelene’s branding and website! If you have not seen Amanda’s work, head to

Amanda Burg is a wife and mom of a little boy.  She gets the privilege to help creatives and entrepreneurs with their branding and website design.  She went to school for public relations and still does some journalism work.  About 6 years ago, she found a start up news company, sent a note she would love to work for them and voila! Amanda has always loved writing and copy editing and has found it is a true hobby and passion of hers. 

As a business owner, we can have challenges as to when we get things done.  Amanda says “nights were my time to work and design logos! I ended up realizing I loved designing logos.”

She also goes on to say the first logos she designed may not have been her best work, but “you have to start somewhere!”

Why do we need a website as business owners?

  • It allows you to show your work, your brand and your services
  • It allows you to connect with your potential clients and current clients
  • You own your website and brand, unlike social media

I try hard to build websites that are not only beautiful but strategic so they connect you to your clients.

Top things to have to have on your website:

  1. Easy navigation: You want people to be able to navigate around your website easily.  This is not the time to be clever, and instead, have it easy to move around inside your site
  2. A call to action: You want them to know what you want your clients to do.  If that means have a button (ideally in the top right corner) it needs to tell them what you want them to do
  3. Elevator Pitch:  Your website needs to have a one sentence elevator pitch on it, so we know what you do as we go to your site


Living in Abundance:

Amanda finds abundance in the things she is thankful for.  She tries really hard to be thankful for the success, the income, of it all. 

Also, grab Amanda’s freebie here!

Your website is your number one employee.





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