How to Create an Instagram Bio

Before you get started on your bio, you will want to grab your Instagram Tips here!

Instagram is a social media platform where you can grow your business, meet new people, gain clients and really excel if you know what you are doing.  One of the first steps to Instagram, is to make sure you have a great bio!  So, I have created a few tips for you to implement when using Instagram! Using these tips will allow you to stand out on Instagram.

1. Have a name – your business, name or something simple but catchy – people want to know who you are.  They need to be able to feel as though they know who you are and having a name is the first start.

2. What do you do? Where are you from (if applicable) – If this pertains to your business, you want to note your location.  If it does not, share what you do! They want to know what you are going to be able to offer them.  Will it be anything they need or want?

3. Something about you – again, they want to know who you are! So, share something about you! Are you a mom, wife, daughter, friend, business owner, college student, single mom, etc!  You are so many things, and we do not have room for it all, but pull some of your best traits here, so we can really get to know who you are!

4. A catch phrase, or something that will connect you to your followers – this can be similar to what you do, how you do it or maybe you like something (sarcasm, or coffee or running, like me ;))

5. Use emojis, a hashtag and/or tags – these can help pull your Instagrams first when you are using these properly! Grab someone’s attention by having a similar tag or hashtag.  Emojis grab attention quickly as well, which is why I recommend a few!

6. A way to contact you – how are they going to be able to connect with you?  Are you leaving your email?  Maybe your website?  Tell them to DM you, maybe.  Whatever you decide, they want to be able to connect if they feel compelled!


Here is mine for example!


host of the @liveabundantlypodcast 🎙

empowering women to live in abundance

bold strategy and advice for mommas

wife to @thayes5 & momma 💙💕

check it out👇🏼


There are millions and millions of users on Instagram and I know you want to be able to use it for business, as well as social.  I mean, it is social media!  Make sure you are using it to promote you and your business and brand if you choose! It can be such a helpful tool to grow your business.

While you’re creating your bio, go ahead and grab your Instagram Tips to grow your Instagram here!


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