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On the Live Abundantly Podcast, Jacquelene is talking all things Bible and Blogging with Maci Goulds.  Listen in, or read below how Maci is growing her blogging and bible journaling and why it is so important to be in the Word.


Maci is a newlywed, a paralegal and works closely with domestic violence victims.  She also writes on her Christian blog, Bible Babblings, she created. She was not sure where the blog would take her, but she wanted to encourage women and strengthen others.  We tend tear one another down instead of encourage and she wanted it to be a space of encouragement. 


Maci wants it to be a space people can reach out and ask questions.  She loves helping the age range of 12-30 because a lot of times after teenage years and getting into adulthood, there are not a lot of support groups. Therefore, Maci wants a community of women who are wanting the encouragement and more God. 

Maci loves sharing via Instagram, whether she is doing Instagram stories, posts or lives; you can find a lot of communication there.

Having the blog, encourages Maci to study the bible more and read scripture.  She also does bible journaling, because she is very into art. It is a way she feels she can connect to followers and encourage them, as well as allowing the journaling to connect her to the Lord. 

Practical Tips to Spend Time with the Lord

  • Consistency – being consistent.  Maci likes to compare this to working out.  If you are not working out, you’re going to get weaker.  If you are not studying scripture, you may fall away from it.
  • Set aside a specific time of day – be consistent whether you are a morning person, afternoon or night, just make sure to schedule in the time.
  • Decide on how and what you are going to study – whether it is one verse of scripture, multiple verses, journaling or an entire book of the bible, decide and study!

What is next?

Maci wants to really focus on creating free content on how to study the bible and how to get into the Word. She is working on getting something together to have access to answers to your questions, more material to help people get in the bible and study and help their spiritual walk.  Maci would love to create devotionals to help with everyday life.

Maci’s passion came from God. She has always wanted to help people and so, somewhere in her heart God just birthed the idea.  Maci has also noticed a lot of the things she has gone through herself, many of her followers are going through also.  Therefore, she is able to share her stories to help others when they go through similar life circumstances and challenges. 

Where to start as a new believer?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Use commentaries as you go through scripture
  • Romans is a great place to start
  • Find something appealing to you – Maci loves bible journaling for example

Commentary – Blue Letter Bible and Logos are some of Maci’s favorites


  • Be kind to yourself
  • Know you’re not perfect and never will be and accept that.  
  • Comparison is the thief of joy.



Instagram: @biblebabblings

Facebook: Bible Babblings



Favorite coffee drink: Black coffee

Honeymoon: Outer-banks, NC

Date Night: Staying in, watching a movie and cooking supper


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