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Are you a runner?  I sure was not a year ago.  However, I ran a half marathon last year in October 2018 and actually fell in love with running.  It is tough, it is a mental game, yet it is rewarding and freeing and satisfying and even a social hour!

With that, after running the half, I definitely calmed down more with running, and yet, still love it just as much! Now, I am working to keep a steady weekly running schedule so I am able to maintain. I figured just in case you also are a runner, but want a schedule to stick to, I would share it with you too!

Sunday are my rest days.  I usually spend time with my family, go to church and do whatever we have going on before the week begins!

Monday, my husband works out, so I stay active with my kids, rather than go to run.

Tuesday, I am working to get 2-3 miles done before going to a Body Pump class at the gym.  I want to be able to work in strength training this year, as last year I was not great at that part!

Wednesday, Thomas works out! But, again, I stay active with my kids!

Thursday, this is the same as Tuesday! I am really focusing more on the strength this year!

Friday, Thomas works out, so again, staying active with the kids!

Saturday, a longer run! Depending on where I am at with running, this will be a 4-8 mile run! This is where I will be with my running friends and will be able to chat and talk while we run!

What does your running schedule look like this season!?

What are your tips to run and strength train!?


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