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Simplicity is perspective. A perspective that starts with knowing the peace we receive from our Creator.


“Heaven’s my throne, earth is my footstool.

What sort of house could you build for me? What holiday spot reserve for me?

I made all this! I own all this! But there is something I’m looking for:

a person simple and plain, reverently responsive to what I say.”

(Isaiah 66:2 MSG)


What is Isaiah saying?

The heavens and the earth are God’s creation. Everything on the earth was made by His hands.  As his creation he looks to us with favor when we strive to live a life honoring Him. A simple life.

A life that makes His work our priority. When we have a broken or contrite (literally means a heavy burdened and beaten) spirit, our creator looks at us with acceptance. He looks upon us as his children who receive His everlasting love. He takes notice of us. He looks upon us with the eyes of a friend.

Definition of a woman of simplicity:

She lives a God-paced life. She waits for God to guide her. She seeks God’s agenda rather than her own. Gary Friesen, author of Decision Making and the Will of God, breaks decision-making down into three categories:

  1. God’s sovereignty (everything under God’s control and rule) does not exclude the need for planning (sigh of relief); it does require humble submission to His will. It does require making Him a priority in our life.
  2. Circumstances define the context of the decision and must be weighed by wisdom … not “read” as road signs to God’s individual will.
  3. Open doors are God-given opportunities for service … not specific guidance from God requiring one to enter.

When we’re living a God-paced life, we feel His security. We may have to wait for God to guide us, but we don’t do that by searching for signs in our lives. We do that by investing time in His word.


Ladies, it is time to be still and know your God. Find rest in His presence and in His word. Start your day with a moment spent with Christ whether in prayer, scripture, or praise. Allow yourself to take this time to fuel for whatever chaos your day may bring – from diapers to deadlines.


Author and pastor, Mark Buchanan, writes, “those who sanctify time and who give time away – who treat time as a gift and not possession – have time in abundance. Contrariwise, those who guard every minute, resent every interruption, ration every moment, and never have enough. They’re always late, always behind, always scrambling, always driven. There is, of course, a place for wise management of our days and weeks and years. But management can quickly turn into rigidity. We hold time so tight we crust it, like a flower closed in the fist. We thought we were protecting it, but all we did was destroy it.”

Time is a gift, not a possession. To live purely devoted to Christ is not to follow our own agenda, but to listen for His.


Today’s agenda comes AFTER your 6am meeting with God. BYOB (bible, of course!).  Or if you’re like my sister, it’s an 11PM meeting with God while you’re locked in your bedroom escaping the kids and maybe even the husband…


In our complicated world, committing to a simple life is the best way forward. Living a life of simplicity begins by resetting your focus and your purpose at the start of each and every day.

Lastly, Tess Marshall, writer of The Bold Life, shares 7 ways to help simplify your life:


  1. Eliminate stress in your day. Create a morning routine that will influence the rest of your day in a positive manner. Write in a gratitude journal and read from the bible. Add meditation into your morning routine. Benefit: More peace and calm throughout your day.
  2. Complain less. What’s your biggest complaint? How can you prevent it? Learn to use only what you need. Benefit: Increased personal power, appreciation and happiness.
  3. Say ‘yes’ less. Overextending yourself complicates your life. Learn to tell others no when you don’t want to do something. Memorize and repeat this line as needed, “No, that’s not going to work for me.” Pause for five seconds afterwards. You don’t owe anyone a reason or an excuse. If the person persists, repeat it again and pause again. After the second time, the person will get your message. Benefit: Increased self-esteem, self-respect and more time to do what you love.
  4. Give less time to the media. Life is difficult enough without unnecessary negativity. Be informed, but don’t be consumed. Benefit: You’ll fear less about your future and spend more time living in the present, feeling calm and peaceful.
  5. Spend less time online. Too much of anything isn’t a good thing. Learn to be present with the people in your life. Everyone’s needs are different. Eliminate digital distractions and be more present with those you love. Benefit: Increased communication and intimacy in your primary relationships.
  6. Want less. Learn how to love and want what you have. Instead of wanting more material things, express gratitude for your eyesight, hearing, and the ability to breathe. Instead of wanting a perfect body, appreciate the beating of your heart. Awareness increases abundance. Benefit: The ability to recognize you have everything you need and live a more meaningful life.
  7. Fill your life with people you love. Eliminate toxic relationships. If someone isn’t bringing you up they’re bringing you down. Detach and surrender the relationships that aren’t working for you. Benefit: Time and space for healthier, more meaningful and loving relationships.


We deserve all of what life has to offer us. It’s easy to attain simplicity when we eliminate what doesn’t work and replace it with what can and will work. It begins with deepening our knowledge and relationship in Christ.


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