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On today’s episode of the Live Abundantly Podcast, Jacquelene Hayes is talking to Jessie Shibko.  Jessie is the Founder and CEO of Social Media By Jessie.

Jessie is from Columbus, Ohio and has always wanted to be of service to people. She said “I always knew I had this passion where I wanted to help others.”

Jessie went to college and got degree in psychology, which she thought she would love! After she was able to land a job, she thought would be it — pediatric clinical work. However, shortly after, she realized it was not where she wanted to be and did not have the passion she thought she would for this career path.

Jessie had said she felt alone going through this hard time of not knowing what she really want to do.  This tough and challenging time, has also allowed her to realize she wants to share her story to help others as well.  Others who may feel alone and confused as to where they are in life.

Jessie then decided to help her dad’s business with social media and quickly found a passion for it.  Now social media is her career.  Jessie gets to help other small business owners with their social media. This is why she created her own business and a blog to go with it. The blog is for anyone confused and wanting to know they are not alone. It is a space she is able to write and share her story in hopes it helps someone else.

“For the first time in my life I really had to rely on my faith.”

Social Media by Jessie allows Jessie to take over small business owners’ social media accounts. It allows her to manage, take over, content plan and share analytic reports to them!

“I want to be sure to take as much stress off the business owner.”

when i focus too much, i forget living in the moment; therefore, i will start here and let it guide me to where it is supposed to go and what it is supposed to be – i am letting faith guide this

i was stressing over the things i could not control and now i am ready to relax and let it happen

Biggest Challenge

It is not trying to get everything figured out right away.

How do you feel like you get to live in abundance

“I finally get to make it something that fulfills me and I am happy and fulfilled, which is really important to me.”

If Jessie could give you one piece of advice to do what is on your heart, it would be to

“Go for it! You cant think about it forever and you never know what is going to happen.”



Instagram – @jessieshibko

Facebook: Social Media by Jessie


Dream Vacation – Caribbean

Favorite Coffee – latte or regular coffee



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