Getting Clarity in Your Business with Veronica Hoddenbagh

On today’s episode of the Live Abundantly Podcast, Jacquelene Hayes is speaking to Veronica Hoddenbagh.  Veronica is a wife and mom as well as a business owner. She shares her story, her marketing and how to gain clarity in your business.

Veronica was a Social Worker before becoming a mom and once her daughter was born, Veronica wanted to be home with her daughter and needed to figure out what it looked like to make money from her home.

Veronica started a blog geared towards Christian women and soon realized she really loved the marketing side of business.  Now, she gets to teach marketing, after finding the passion for it.

How did you know the Lord was leading you to Marketing?

Veronica says “it was a process, and I believe God took me through a journey to get into Marketing.” During the entire process of her business, Veronica says the Lord led her the entire time.  He was able to show Veronica how to share her story and how she then could help other people.

Marketing gets a really bad wrap for being salesy and I want to give the option Marketing can be genuine and have integrity.

What are the best ways to market a business?

You need to answer these four questions first!

  1. Who do you love to serve?
  2. What do those people need the most?
  3. What are you the best at?
  4. What do you love doing?

Veronica says having these questions and really answering these four questions, has led to really knowing who to work with that actually fit as well as what work to do and she can align with. Veronica believes it is more about serving than selling to your audience.

There is no rule on how much you have to post, but rather be consistent. Veronica believes there is power in showing up and being consistent.  She says your audience needs to know you will show up and you will be consistent.

What does consistency mean to you? How are you showing up for your audience?

What is your number one tip given to someone who is starting out?

Get your clarity and be clear on where you are headed in life and in business.

Don’t settle for small and don’t limit yourself.  Allow God to take you to a bigger place.

Veronica said “living in abundance for me means time freedom right now in this season of life. ”


Website: Veronica Hoddenbagh

Instagram – @auroramarketingco

Facebook: Aurora Marketing 


Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 41:10 “fear not for I am with you”

Favorite Tea: Bengal Spice

Dream Vacation: Lake Como in Italy


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