5 Things To Do Right Now on Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming more and more known. Business owners are beginning to realize they NEED Pinterest. Why? Well, in short, Pinterest is able to grow your website traffic, help grow email lists, promote your business, your courses, your products, your services, etc!

If you have no idea where to start, feel free to grab my Pinterest Beginner Guide! This guide will help you on exactly where to start and how to start building Pinterest for your business.

Now, let’s move on to the 5 things you need to do right now to enhance your Pinterest Business account.

  1. You need to update your profile picture. I know this sounds so silly. But you need to have a picture of YOU and allow it to be clear and easy to see who you are.
  2. Optimize your bio! Yep. Do it. Update the bio on what you do, who serve, how you serve them. And make sure you have your keywords in it!
  3. Okay, this might be a no brainer, but if your Pinterest account is not a Business Account, switch it over to a Pinterest Business account.
  4. Update your board titles to simple titles. Instead of having a board which says “How to make simple and healthy meals,” change it to “Simple and Health meals.” The reason, you can only see so many words and you want it to be simple and to the point.
  5. Add board descriptions to each and every board. This is where you can put the sentence “how to make simple and healthy meals.” Add as many keywords as you can in the descriptions. Make sure you also use 2-5 hashtags in your descriptions.

These simple, 5 updates you do to your Pinterest will help it become more keyword rich and make sure it is up to date on what you actually do. If you’re ready to enhance it even more, feel free to check out the Pin Abundantly membership where we dive deep into our Pinterest accounts and really commit to growing the traffic of our website to gain those ideal clients.


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