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On the Live Abundantly Podcast today, Jacquelene Hayes is speaking with Megan Brunson. Meg is a mom to 4 little girls and she puts them to work. She runs a business and hosts a podcast and I can’t wait for you guys to hear her story.

She found herself in entrepreneurship after a traumatic pregnancy. When back to the corporate sector while working for Facebook, but found herself going back to the world of building a business so that she could be home with her kids.  

She found a unique approach to finding a balance with building a business and raising children by involving her kids in the process. Her kids are involved in her business in little ways and each have their own little entrepreneurial projects. 

How did your children start working?

Meg says that it all started when her oldest daughter was 9 and wanted to go on a trip that would’ve been really expensive for the entire family of 6 to go on. In a sarcastic voice, Meg replied “to do that, you’ll have to get a job.” Her 9 year old responded with eagerness. So they started to wonder what it is she could do. So she started reading and reviewing children’s books and makes her money through affiliate links. How cool is that! Perfect job for a nine year old. Learning how to run a business at that age, no matter what scale, is so important.

“I want them to know that me being on the computer, isn’t me playing games. A computer isn’t just fun, it can be a tool.”

She tries to explain what she’s doing and why she needs to do it so that they can understand how they monetize work.

“After my daughter launched her website for reviewing books, a lot of people had questions for me. ‘How much did she do? Is this really just your project and you’re taking pictures of her?'”

“Don’t get too caught up in the details.”

“Nobody becomes super duper successful on the thing they try first.”

“You may have a really great idea, but I promise you there is some sort of an obstacle or a hiccup in the plan. But the only way you’re going to figure out what that is, is to do it.”



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