How to Grow Your Email List Using Pinterest

Having a list is becoming more and more common. Many people believe email has gone to the way side; however, that is absolutely not the case. In fact, a lot of your ideal clients are on your list. The ones who trust you, who want to hear from you, who desire to learn more about what you are doing. It might seem crazy they actually want to hear from you, but they do!

An email list might seem overwhelming or it might get pushed to the side and be an eventually thing, but let me tell you, it shouldn’t. It is important. I am also not saying you have to send an email to your list daily, because let’s be real, that is exhausting and they probably don’t want to hear from you that often either. But, it is good to send an update or to serve them at least once a month!

We now know an email list is important, so how do we even start a list? What is someone going to give you an email for?

Well, a lot of reasons people will give you an email for! Especially, if you are serving them. Yes, an email list is about serving your audience, not just selling to them. You have to have content they want. The content they need.

I call this a freebie.

So, what is your freebie going to be? What will you give them and create for them? Well, I think it depends on your niche. For me, I have an incredible Pinterest Beginner Guide I love to share!

You can grab it here!

Or maybe, Pinterest isn’t your thing and you would rather have a Time Management List to help you with tips on how to manage your time.

Well, you can grab the Time Management Tips here!

Depending on what your audience wants from you, will depend on what you create! Maybe you’re in the wedding business and you want to share 5 Tips on How to Create Your Seating Chart. I mean, I know when I was a bride, that would have been helpful. Or maybe you’re a lifestyle photographer and you want to share Outfits to Wear for Family Photos. I mean, I would grab that one too!

Creating these freebies for your audience is serving them! And now, how do I grow the email list on Pinterest? Well, once your freebie is created, you can do it a couple ways!

  1. Create a landing page where you have them go to put their email in. It is simple. Yes, it does work! I am living proof.
  2. Create a blog post around the freebie and place that freebie in the blog post in multiple areas! Or add in multiple freebies. By sharing more content around the freebie, they are more likely to believe you actually know what you’re talking about and will click to get that download!
  3. Create multiple pin images for these freebies. You do not want to have the same pin out over and over and over again. Pinterest allows you to repurpose content, which is amazing! So, create 3-5 pins just for one freebie!

Have you started an email list yet? What is your offer?


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