What Does a Morning Routine Entail

A morning routine seems to be the new thing everyone is talking about. You can go to Pinterest and find thousands of blog posts, how to’s and what to do for a morning routine. You can find blogs on why you should, what makes it important and so much more! I do believe having a morning routine can absolutely be helpful to setting up your day for success; however, I also believe a morning routine needs to be custom to you. Let’s talk about what they should include and why they are important before I share mine.

But, before we do, these Time Management Tips might be helpful to you, so grab these first!

Time Management is definitely a key component to making sure you stay on task, prioritize what is happening throughout the day and making sure your day is set up for success!

Why do you need a morning routine?

Well, first of all, a morning routine is going to help you start your day, ideally, in a positive way. Instead of having your kids wake you up – which is absolutely needed some days, having an alarm to wake you and start before those kiddos wake can really help your mood. When I am woke by my kids, I feel more frustrated and tired, because I have to jump out of bed and see what they need, help them get ready, start breakfast, etc!

When I set my own alarm, I get to decide how to start. Am I going to lay in bed for an extra 5 minutes to wake up first? Will I head downstairs, grab coffee and relax for a minute? Will I go to the office and get some of my to-do’s done? Will I head to the gym to get a workout in? The options are endless when you wake up on your own.

A morning routine can help you set your day up for success.

Having a morning routine also allows you to have time for YOU! I know, as a mom, and having two kids, 3 & 2, my time and energy is focused on them, while they are awake and there is not much time for just ME. Having the morning to myself, allows the time for me. It allows me to have some quiet, to get some momentum for the day.

How do you want to spend your time alone? Read a book, read the bible, drink some HOT coffee? Whatever it is, do it. Allow yourself to have a moment during the morning routine while you are awake and the kids are not.

My morning routine:

I start my mornings ( most days ) at 5:15am. I know that sounds insanely early…or at least it does to me. Some days, it may actually be earlier depending on if I am going for an early run or working out.

Just a side note, but I also believe having a little flexibility in your morning routine is key. If you want to work one morning, do it. If you want to work out the next, do it.

So, 5:15am comes, I typically lay in bed for 5 minutes and allow the coffee to finish brewing. Then I grab a cup of coffee and get to work. This is not a time for Instagram on Facebook scrolling. Instead, I spend time reading scripture for a bit and move into my daily to-do list. Normally, that includes client work for Pinterest. I make sure their accounts are scheduled properly, check in on analytics, create new pins for their blog posts and get their new content out to their Pinterest.

Are you new to Pinterest? Check out this Pinterest Beginner Guide to help you!

I spend time on me, in the Word and working until about 7am when my kids wake up. This, almost, 2 hours of me time, is so helpful to making sure I can focus on my kids when they are awake. It allows me to already feel accomplished and productive when I start my day before they wake!

What do you do for your morning routine?


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