Scattered Women Pursuing Purpose with Laura Holth

On the Live Abundantly Podcast today, Jacquelene Hayes is speaking with Laura Holth. Laura is a wife and momma to her 5 year old mini-me. She is talking about her faith, her business and why she created Scattered Woman.

She was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma 2 years ago and ever since then, her priorities totally shifted. Her priorities went from getting her kid ready for school so that she can get to work, to her main priority being raising her kid to the best of her ability.

When she started feeling called to go back to work again, more specifically to work in a career that is centered around counseling/coaching, she knew there was no way she would be able to go back to a 9-5 office job.

How did Scattered Woman get started?

Her husband lost his job right before she was diagnosed with cancer which made for one hard year. While dealing with chemotherapy, she found herself being so focused on how to heal her body that she realized she needed an outlet to get past this hard time, into a place that was healthy. So she started doing contract + resume writing for a bigger company and quickly realized she wasn’t making enough money to make it count. So she decided to restart her own blog (Scattered Woman) and start her own resume writing business.

“There is no point in pursuing a career, if it’s not something that you know God has called you to do.”

“There are so many ways that our faith interweaves itself with everything else that we do and really gives it purpose.”

“I may be a scattered woman and a bazillion topics on my blog and feel like I have no idea what I’m doing with anything, but God has really taken all of the scattered pieces of my life and put them into this beautiful, mosaic picture that I never could’ve imagined and is giving me purpose every step of the way.”

“No matter what business you would like to start, no matter what career you would like to switch to, it all really starts with understanding yourself.”

“Your personality type may not be an exact fit for the career field that you really feel called to.”

“I want anyone who works with me to be able to walk away from even one conversation saying ‘okay, I know that this is my next step.'”




Facebook: Scattered Woman


Favorite Place for mommy/daughter date: explore/going for a hike with her and our new puppy!

Favorite place for a date with the hubs: Going to Sams Club!

Dream vacation: Chile!


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