Why I Created A Membership

Being a Pinterest Strategist and Manager has been so rewarding. I LOVE seeing the results grow and thrive on Pinterest for my clients. However, one thing I also love is to see as many people and business owners thriving on Pinterest. I had noticed, people keep asking me questions, but they do not want to outsource; however, they want to learn.

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Outsourcing can definitely be an investment and it is not something that should hold you back from learning and growing your Pinterest business account. I had thought and thought and since launching my business, I knew I wanted more. I wanted to help more people. I wanted to watch them grow and gain traffic to their websites, to watch their emails start blowing up with new leads.

Therefore, I created the Pin Abundantly membership. It is a place of community, a place to learn and grow, with other entrepreneurs, celebrate successes and fix what is not working well.

3 Reasons I Created the Membership

  • Money – not everyone has the income to outsource, but people still want to learn. So, the membership is affordable, super affordable! It allows everyone to partake and to really get value and practical tips on how to use Pinterest.
  • People – it allows me to help more and more people! I get to see more people succeed and teach and coach more people on how to use Pinterest for their business. How to gain the traffic to their website and gain the exposure they are desiring… you are desiring!
  • Simple – I want to avoid the overwhelm, which is also why I have a course called Avoid the Overwhelm with Pinterest. I want it to be a space of simplicity, to not get overwhelmed and yet, gain the confidence you need to grow Pinterest!

Are you using Pinterest for your business? What have you loved or not loved about it?

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