Raised in Entrepreneurship with Deb Kalsbeek

On the Live Abundantly Podcast today, Jacquelene Hayes is speaking with Deb Kalsbeek. She is going to share, how her entire life she has known she was going to be an entrepreneur. How cool is it to know your purpose immediately starting out all because of the people you are surrounded with? I can’t wait for you guys to hear her tips and tricks as you start a new business. As well as, how you can manage to have so many goals and how to adapt through it all. So make sure that you’re tuning in to hear all that she has to say!

She is the owner of snap studio and BE. She is also the co-owner of weddings in a snap and snap joy studio. She started off as a photographer and now she is still (kind of) a photographer, but she oversees the businesses and makes sure everything is running smoothly.

How did you get into this?

“I was raised by entrepreneur parents. My dad owned his own business, my grandpa owned his own business, my sister was always very entrepreneurial and so I was very much surrounded around entrepreneurship growing up. My dad would take us on these business trips with him or to meetings with other businesses so I was very much in this on a day-to-day. My dad could see that I was interested in photography so he knew from a young age, how to kind of raise me up in that. So, he taught me a lot about quickbooks and just the different structures of a business. So when I was 17, he knew enough that I was interested in business to tell me to go down to the city and get my DBA. So that was kind of how everything started!”

“Dream big, but start small.”

“You don’t have to have absolutely every little detail mapped out, you just have to start.”

“If you wait around for everything to be perfect, you’re never going to reach that time. You’re always going to be sitting around waiting for it to be perfect.”

“It’s really about being forgiving with yourself. It’s OKAY if your goals change.”

“People may have opinions about what you’re doing. You know what, everyone has an opinion, but that doesn’t make it right for you.”



Facebooks: @ghbossbabes and @snapstudiogr

Instagrams:@grbossbabes_fempro and @snapstudiogr


Favorite thing to do as a family: Go on adventures – fairs, events, museums and restaurants!

Favorite splurge coffee drink: Cherry vanilla mocha latte Starbucks!

If you could take your dream vacation – money doesn’t matter, where would you go?: Aruba


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