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Grab My 5 Tips To Managing Your Time As A Business Owner & Mom



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I’m Jacquelene, a wife and mom with big dreams to give my family the best and serve those I meet.

I’m a business girl at heart, obsessed with planning all the things and I lean on coffee and running as my sanity. One of my favorite things in life is being able to build a legacy from the comfort of my home with my kiddos by my side.

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raving reviews from our listeners

"Jacquelene expertly balances engaging, information, and relatable topics through the Live Abundantly Podcast. Each episode authentically captures the theme of living an abundant life and offers insight for women of any age. I thoroughly enjoy tuning in every week to see which topic will be tackled next and how I can apply it to my current stage of life. Whether it’s advice on growing my business or lessons for parenthood that I will tuck away for later, this podcast is a gold mine of genuine conversation and practical advice."

"Jacquelene says she’ll deliver encouraging content, and she does exactly that! Whether you are wondering how to start a small business or just need some encouragement in the day to day of mom life, Live Abundantly will leave you uplifted, inspired, and encouraged. Take in some positivity while you fold that laundry!"

"Jacquelene does a great job of encouraging women as they start their businesses. She is in tune to the difficulties and struggles that mom’s of young children encounter as they are starting and growing their small businesses and she does a great job of bringing on guests to talk about the struggles we face as we work & parent, and how we can overcome those struggles as we seek to live abundantly! Thanks for all your hard work Jacquelene!"

"So many podcasts focus on business OR life, but I can come here and get actionable tips for both! Really lovely guests and very relatable, smart advice!"

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